I grew up in Pinawa Manitoba. As a boy I spent many hours in my fathers studio. My Dad (Metro) always had a sculpture or two on the go. Usually it was wood, but occasionally a piece of Soapstone. The soapstone not so often because the fine dust would end up all over the house. My dad was, and still is an amazing artist.  


I moved out west after completing culinary school in Winnipeg.  I worked for a while to save money to travel. When I came back from traveling I settled in Canmore Alberta. I started to carve in my spare time. Soon afterwards I joined the Canmore Art and Artisans Guild. I sculpted in wood, stone, and clay. I was taught the lost wax technique of bronzing and began doing that as well. Then In 1997 I opened a restaurant in Canmore. I did very little art in the following 17 years. Now with my family older and the restaurant sold, I am once again sculpting and making works out of clay.


When I started carving wood. It was almost always a piece of wood that I found in the forest. I think this has helped me develop a style that is less blocky and more twisty fluent. For the last couple of years I have been working in clay , but soon I will complete some more wood sculptures.